Marin Ballet is an organization rich with dedicated people.

We are are pleased and proud to bring together talented faculty, staff, musicians, artists, and stewards who bring their expertise, experience, and heart to our mission of excellent ballet training and performance.


Cynthia Lucas, Artistic Director

Becky Moore, Artistic Coordinator

Julia Adam

Corinne Jonas

David Kato

Laurie Klein

Sandra Jennings

Christina Johnson

Stephanie Scarpello

Casey Lee Thorne

Amanda Wells

Collaborating Artists

Julia Adam, Artist-in-Residence

Kim Agnew

Christine Darch

Bronwen Healy

Larry Klein


Amy London  

Anne-Rene Petrarca

Leonid Shagalov, Character

Kelly Ann Sloan

Casey Lee Thorne, Contemporary

David Shepard, Music Director

Daniela Aleco-Sima

Rob Ellis

Janeen Jones

Michael McCarty

Timothy Murphy


Lawrence Ewing, Executive Director

Karen Johnson, Registrar and Office Manager

Gemma Prater, Administrative Assistant

Tori Mazzacone, Receptionist

Shannon Miller, Wardrobe Manager

Connie Zabokrtsky, Special Projects

Board of Trustees

Angie Hisanaga, Chair

Haley Tone, Vice Chair

Kathryn Hansen, Treasurer

Mona Steinberg, Secretary

Jennifer Henerlau

Louise Lo