Stay tuned for our New Year of Community Classes…..

“There are lots of different styles of Salsa.  We will learn a ‘shine,’ which is a grouping that one dances solo, and then look at some basic partnering. Salsa has roots in Afro-Cuban music like Mambo or Chacha and was made popular in New York in the 1970’s. There are West Coast and East Coast Salsa styles: Puerto Rico and Cuban. Colombian style from Cali is very famous as well. The styles are closely related and also interchangeable. Come get your groove on!”
……… Andrea Sakellariou, Guest Teacher for MB’s Salsa Moves


“Loved being able to enjoy and appreciate dance together with my daughter and the MB community.  Enjoyed learning West African Dance, something I’ve never done before.  The energy of the live drumming helped motivate everyone.
It was a fun way to get some exercise in as well!”               ……. I. Drazien


our June event was fantastic fun!